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2023-05-04 -
2023 Summer Session Program (暑修)


2022 Academic Year Instructions of Online Registration for Summer Session(NCKU students)



  • Please read the NCKU Summer Session Program Regulations in advance.
  • Please register the course at the department office before May 22Please see the attached below for the schedule and information.
  • Students in the graduating class who are required to complete or repeat a course to graduate from NCKU can apply for course by a form (see the link in the attached) on June 1-2.
  • The period of summer session program is from June 26 to August 25 (9 weeks). This rule is NOT apply to the intensive courses (time-compressed courses).
  •  Credit fees shall be paid for one course on the basis of weekly credit-hour payment as required of one offered in a regular semester. ($1080*weekly credit-hour in semester, course in graduate program is $1600/per credit)
  • The number of credits received for summer courses completed in one academic year shall not exceed a maximum of 12.  (see Article 6 in the Regulations)
  • Please see Article 8 in the Regulations for 'course cancellation, withdrawal and refund'.
  • Courses and schedule are arranged by the Curriculum Division instead of each department according to students in need of study during the summer.

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