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2024-02-15 -
Notice of Course Enrollment for the Spring Semester of 2024 (Updated on Feb 15 2024)

 ↓ updated on Feb 15, 2024↓ 

  • Please see enrollment method for each course.
  • Submit course addition request form (see attachment below) to the department office before March 7, and then confirm the result on March 11.


 ↓ updated on Dec 2023↓ 



NCKU Course Enrollment Regulations

Course Information & Enrollment System


Please spend time on reading NOTICE and each stage (duration) for Designated Students before enrolling course!



3rd Stage of Course Enrollment

Online Pre-registration Function in Operation for the 3rd Stage of Course Enrollment: 9:00, February 22 to 17:00, March 1

  • Department/Institute/Program Office Course Enrollment: 9:00, February 19 to 17:00 February 23
  • Online Course Enrollment: 9:00, February 26 to 17:00, March 1
  • Course Enrollment Under Special Circumstances: 09:00, March 4 to 17:00, March 7


Stage of Course Enrollment Confirmation 9:00, March 8 to 17:00, March 11

Stage of Course Withdrawal 9:00, March 8 to 17:00, May 17


Department Regulations 

According to regulations, graduate students shall complete 4 seminars (special topics) in the first two years, and graduate students who study in/after the 3rd year shall enroll in a minimum of one course regardless of credits for each semester (a special-topic seminar can also be considered as one course in this context).