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2023-06-05 -
Updated Epidemic Prevention for Final Exams (June 5,2023)


In accordance with the updated epidemic prevention guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education.

  • Application for Epidemic Sick Leave

(1) Student who tests positive for COVID-19 on a rapid test and experience mild or no symptoms should upload the result of rapid test at KUAP APP, and then apply for sick leave for self-health management from Day 0 to Day 5 at home.

(2) Student who has negative result will be able to release from self-health management period earlier. If a student remains positive after the 6th day and shows symptoms, they may continue to apply for sick leave with a medical certificate until the day of testing negative.

  • Application for Epidemic Quarantine Leave

(1) Students tested positive for COVID-19 and require medium to severe quarantine measures (hospitalization) may apply for Epidemic Quarantine Leave by presenting Notice for Isolation Treatment issued by the government.

(2) Leave duration: As stated in Notice for Isolation Treatment

(3) Required documentation: Quarantine Treatment Notice issued by the government.

(4) Epidemic Quarantine Leave will not be recorded as absences and will not affect grading


Student who has situation as above shall apply for sick leave and contact instructor to confirm information about make-up exam.