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2022-08-31 -
Fall Semester of 2022-The 3rd Stage of Course Enrollment

Please refer to NOTICE for the schedule of duration for course enrollment.

Notice of Course Enrollment

Dept.Website https://reurl.cc/ley48Q

  1. Please see attachments 1 & 2 (↓) for method for enrolling courses, and please check both class code and course name when you read the file.
  2. Please see attachment 3 (↓) for 'course addition request form'. If you need to enroll course by form, please submit the form to deparmtent office before September 22. The form must be sent to the office of the department/institute/program offering the course to enroll course. 
  3. If the seat for the course is available from September 12 to September 16, you will be able to enroll it directly. [Online Course Enrollment : 9:00, September 12 to 17:00, September 16]
  4. Stage of Course Enrollment Confirmation: 09 :00, September  23 to 17:00, September 27
  5. Stage of Course Withdrawal: 09:00, September 23 to 17:00, December 2 


Teaching Method for Fall Semester 2022 (Last updated: August 31, 2022)

  • According the updated policy yesterday, school will give priority to implementing the teaching mode of online (remote-based) teaching until September 18.
  • September 19 to October 2 will also give priority to implementing the teaching mode of online (remote-based) teaching after MOE approves.
  • In-person classes are to be conducted from October 3.
  •  In principle, you won't be able to see information on Moodle for the course you haven't enrolled it yet. If you plan to enroll course at the 3rd stage, please contact instructor by email to request instructor to add you to the Moodle system. Some professors don't use Moodle, so you may contact them (Faculty Information) to ask about teaching method or syllabus.