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2022-02-09 -
Notice of Course Enrollment for the Spring Semester of 2022

Please read notice and regulations before enrolling courses!!!!

NCKU Course Enrollment Regulations

NCKU Notice of Course Enrollment

Information of Course Enrollment

Course Information & Enrollment System

Regulations of Graduation Credits


Please see the detail (e.g. designated students and notes) to each stsage at Course Enrollment Schedule.

3rd Stage of Course Enrollment

  • Department/Institute/Program Office Course Enrollment: 8:30, February 14 to 17:00 February 18 (only for designated students)
  • Online Course Enrollment: 9:00, February 21 to 17:00, February 25
  • Course Enrollment Under Special Circumstances: 9:00, March 1 to 17:00, March 3


Stage of Course Enrollment Confirmation: 9:00, March 4 to 17:00, March 7

Stage of Course Withdrawal: 9:00, March 4 to 17:00, May 13



  1. Graduate students shall enroll Code-Serial Number 'N6-0XX'. N6-3XX is for students who study in-service master’s program.
  2. All courses are specialized and useful for graduate students. Although some required courses are core courses for designated division, graduate students can choose ANY courses in graduate program at our department or other departments by regulations to satisfy gradaution.
  3. All graduate students must take 'Special Topics (1)~(4)' in the first two years, so please enroll it to schedule each semester (please see information below). Students who study in (or after) the third year, please take 'SEMINAR' each semester. International student's grade for this class will be graded by advisor.


  • N6804~N6808: Please enroll 'SEMINAR' (N6-001)
  • N6606~N6608: Please enroll 'SEMINAR' (N6-001)
  • N6609, N6809 (enrolled in September 2019): Please enroll 'SPECIAL TOPICS ON Division (4)'
  • N6609, N6809 (enrolled in February 2020): Please enroll 'SPECIAL TOPICS ON Division (4)'
  • N6610, N6810 (enrolled in September 2021): Please enroll 'SPECIAL TOPICS ON Division (2)'