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2023-08-08 -
2023 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship (2023/8/8 updated)

2023 Recommendation List

  • for Research Scholarship for Overseas Students: N68077063
  • for Bursary Award for Overseas Students: N680870188








All scholarship and financial aid candidates will be recommended by individual departments.

The complete application forms are then collected and mailed by the universities to the CTCI Foundation.

Please DO NOT apply for scholarship in advance without official notification of recommendation.


  1. Please submit appllication form (see attachment below), original transcript of academic records and other support documents (Application Documents) to deparment office before July 28, 2023 (Friday).
  2. Please see the detail about application procedures and required documents in the 'Application Regulations' at the website.
  3. Graduated students who wish to apply for scholarships must have proof of semester registration before graduation.


Scholarships Granting:

1. Innovation Scholarship of CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarship: There are a total of 7-15 winning teams (or individuals). The award prize is NTD 150,000 and a Certificate of Merit. (The leader of the winning team has the rights for bonus allocation.)

2.Research Scholarship and Bursary for Overseas Graduate Students

  • Research Scholarship: The total number of recipients will be 15-25. Each recipient will be awarded NTD 150,000.
  • Bursary (financial aid): The total number of recipients will be 10-20. Each recipient will be awarded NTD 100,000.
  • The quota for each scholarship is 1

All information are available here Application Regulations



Assessment Principles

(1) The Research Scholarship for Overseas Graduate Students: Research performance and potential for future development and contribution.

(2) The Bursary Award for Overseas Graduate Students: Emphasize on economic needs, in addition to academic achievement.