Admissions characteristics


NCKU ScholarshipAdmissions characteristics


NCKU Distinguished International Student Scholarships

The scholarship is classified into two categorie for undergraduate and graduate program.

-For PhD Student-

A regular study period is four years for PhD students and five years for those studying in a doctoral program through direct admission.

  1. Distinguished International PhD Student Scholarship: awarded to those who are distinguished for their academic performance and conduct record.
  2. Veritas et Conscientia Scholarship (VCS): awarded to those who are academically excellent with research potential, international competitiveness, and good communication skills.

(1) The Office of International Affairs shall disburse a monthly stipend of NT$22,000 to each recipient and a monthly matching allowance of NT$8,000 from the advisor

(2) New students: Applicants shall submit required documents according to the NCKU Guidelines for International Student Admission Applications. Continuing students: Applicants shall submit a written report of research achievements, a recommendation letter from the advisor, and other documents designated by the affiliated college.


-For Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree Student-

Scholarship Program Duration: The Scholarship program will begin from the month when the recipient enrolls in NCKU and end when the recipient graduates, withdraws from NCKU, is suspended or expelled. Those who study during their extended years of study are not eligible to apply for the Scholarship. The maximum durations vary with programs as follows: (I) Master’s degree students: a maximum of two years. (II) Bachelor’s degree students: A maximum of six years for students from the Department of Medicine and the School of Pharmacy, a maximum of five years for Students from the Department of Architecture (Architectural Program), and a maximum of four years for students from other departments.