Theory of Elasticity (彈性力學)

課程名稱: Theory of Elasticity (彈性力學)
  • 學分: (上) 3
  • 課程碼: N673600
  • 必/選修: 8
  • 授課語言: 2
  • 授課教師:
  • 課程大綱:

1. Introduction; Mathematical Prerequisite; Cartesian Tensors 2. Analysis of Stress; Stress Tensor 3. Analysis of Strain; Strain Tensor 4. Constitutive Equations for Elastic Materials; Generalized Hooke’s Law; Principle of Virtual Work; Uniqueness of Solution 5. Simple Problems of Elasticity 6. Two-Dimensional Problems, Plane Strain, Plane Stress 7. Energy Principles; Variational Approach


A. Structural Engineering Division