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2021-01-21 -
School Departure

Refer to International Student Affairs Division

NCKU School Departure Notification for Int’l Degree Students

We hope you have had a happy and productive stay at National Cheng Kung University. With this notice we are informing you of what needs to be done if you are ending your studies at the university, either temporarily or permanently. Please note the following changes are effective immediately upon the departure application being approved:

  1. The ARC becomes invalid (normally in two weeks). If there is any force majeure (unavoidable occurrence) for overstaying your legal departure date in Taiwan, please immediately report to ISAD. If you will continue your study in Taiwan after graduate from NCKU, please bring your diploma and admission letter to extend your ARC. Each student is personally responsible if penalties occur, including but not limited to, fines or deportation due to overstaying.
  2. NCKU student status, NHI or ISMI will be terminated in two weeks, and the scholarship is terminated. You are responsible for all medical expenses and personal expenses. Your NHI must be registered with the NHI office.
  3. During the ARC extension after graduation, it is illegal to have a part time job. If you find a full time job, please remember to change your ARC stay reason at National Immigration Agency.
  4. Dormitory check out must be completed within 3 days of your departure application being approved.

Deadline and refunds for suspension and withdrawal

  1. Student should follow the regulation of office of Academic Affairs and apply before deadline.
  2. According to the regulations of the Ministry of Education, depending on the date of when an application is submitted, a student may be entitled to a refund of one-third, two-thirds, or none of the school fees that have been paid. Simply put, the earlier one submits, the better. If the date is over two-thirds of the way through the semester, a student is not entitled to any refund of school fees. Please check with ISAD for the specific dates in a given semester.
  3. NCKU Scholarship cannot be deferred to the student who apply for suspension/ withdrawal and will not receive the scholarship if the application date is before 26th.

Resuming school

If you intend to resume school, you must apply for the resumption no later than one month before the suspension expires. If you do not apply for resumption by this time the university will terminate your student status. Submit a valid insurance certificate to ISAD when applying for the resumption. If you fail to submit the insurance certificate or other required documentation, then you are responsible for your own medical expenses.


  1. Please print out the application form for graduation from Online Application System for Graduation: The diploma will be available after the procedures on the application form are completed.
  2. Library E-theses upload can be accessed at http://etds.lib.ncku.edu.tw/html/.
  3. If you need to verify/ authenticate the NCKU diploma or transcripts before leaving Taiwan, you must get your diploma notarized at the Tainan Court prior to sending it to the Bureau of Consular Affairs (BOCA) or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA). The BOCA and MOFA branch offices are responsible for providing the authentication services.
  4. For your NHI, please contact the NHI office and join by yourself.