Admissions characteristics


Scope of CurriculumAdmissions characteristics

Scope of Curriculum

  • This program offers 20+ specialized courses in the field of civil engineering.
  • Graduation Credits: 30 (A minimum of 24 credits in coursework and a 6 credits in master's thesis must be completed. Master students must fulfill a minimum of 24 credits consisting of at least 15 credits from our department.)
  • Students will earn the "Master of Science" degree from the Department of Civil Engineering, College of Engineering after the full completion.



Note: Courses as following are only for reference. Please refer to Course Catalog system ( for updated information about courses each semester.


Management Focus (Credits: 3 / per course)

  • Financial and Cost Management for Construction 
  • Project Planning and Schedule Control 
  • Organization and Performance
  • Management Construction Information System
  • Organization and Performance 

  • Decision Analysis and Risk Management 

  • Construction Dispute Resolution

  • Pavement Engineering and Management 

  • Project Sustainable Design Management 

  • Plan Investment & Evaluation 

  • Entrepreneurial Management 

  • Project Management

Technical Focus (Credits: 3)

  • Theory of Elasticity 

  • Theory of Plates 

  • Mechanical Properties of Materials 

  • Deformation Mechanisms of Materials

  • Finite Element Method 

  • Methods of Mechanical Testing 

  • Soil Dynamics

  • Advanced Soil Mechanics 

  • Advanced Engineering Geology

  • Sustainable Transportation Infrastructure 

  • Pavement Analysis 

  • Pavement Evaluation and Rehabilitation 

  • Transportation Innovation and Practice  

  • Advanced Foundation Engineering 

  • Dynamics of Structure 

  • Finite Elements In Geotechnical Engineering

  • Fundamentals & Applications of Sensors 

  • Sustainability Indicators 

  • Fiber Reinforced Cementitious Composites 

  • Deep Excavation & Foundation Engineering 

  • Earthquake Engineering 

  • Application of Numerical Analysis Methods in Geotechninal Engineering

  • Seismic Isolation and Mitigation Technology 

  • Signal Processing in Geotechnical Engineering 

  • Track Engineering

  • Stress Wave in Solid