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2020-02-19 -
The Huai-En Scholarship (54級懷恩獎學金)

1. Scholarship: The Huai-En Scholarship for Disadvantaged Students


2. Recipients will receive the scholarship (NT$5,000/per month) of 6 months


3. Eligibility Criteria: (please see attachment 'Guidelines ' for more information)

(1) Students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds
(2) Without any official record of misconduct
(3) Undergraduate student must have an average grade of 70 or above
(4) Graduate student must have an average grade of 75 or above


4. Required Documents:

(1) Applicaiton form (please see attachment)

(2) Official transcript (except new students)

(3) Autobiography

(4) Recommendation letter from advisor

(5) Other reference documents (if applicable)

Applicants are welcome to attach any additional documents which may favor their application (e.g.: low-income family certificate, tax exemption certificate, thesis publication, certificates of competitions, and etc.)


5. Deadline of application: March 31, 2020