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2023-05-31 -
112 Application for Sequential Bachelor’s-Master’s Degree Programs(預研生)

Applicants shall submit transcript with record of ranking, one recommendation letter is written by full-time faculty in the Department, and other reference documents to the department office before July 31, 2023.


Undergraduate students in the Department who have completed more than half of the required credits for graduation and ranked by cumulative average grades among the top 40% of the class (inclusive)


total average grades of years: 85%

grade of Admissions Committee: 15%



  • Department will announce the result before the end of August.
  • Pre-graduate students should submit the consent form of the advisor to the Department within two weeks from the first day of enrollment to obtain the qualification for pre-graduate program.
  • Pre-graduate students should obtain a bachelor's degree by the end of the eighth semester.
  • Upon completion of the degree, pre-graduate students should take the most recent screening examination or general entrance examination for their chosen degree program and pass the examination to obtain official admission as graduate students.
  • Please see attachment for the application form and regulations (Original).