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2021-09-08 -
Fall Semester of 2021-Course Enrollment Under Special Circumstances

Course Enrollment Under Special Circumstances: 9:00, September 30 to 17:00, October 5. Please submit the form (see attached) to department office before October 5

§ The form is only for adding course, so please drop course at online system by yourself. Department only assist students to drop intensive course (e.g. ENGINEERING PRACTICE - CECI FORUM).

Notice of Course Enrollment

Due to online teaching till October 1,

  1. If the course is full at the 2nd stage, you shall fill in the form and then send it to professor by email to request professor to approve.
  2. Sometimes some courses will be available at the 3rd stage. If professor signs the form to approve your application in advance, please try to enroll course by yourself at online system before you submit the form to deparmtnet office. If you can enroll course at online system, you won't need to submit the form to deparmtnet office.  
  3. Please submit the form to me from September 30 to 17:00, October 5 by email after professor approves and signs it, and then I will forward it to my colleague, Ms. Wang. 
  4. You will be able to check whether you can enroll the course at Moodle the next day.


Instruction for adding course 'GENERAL PHYSICS LABORATORY (1)'

  1. Student who has enrolled it, please check group arrangement at Moodle on September 15.
  2. Student who wants to enroll this course, please send the form to teaching assistant at Department of Physic (2F at  the Physics-Chemistry Building) to sign, and then submit the form to department office for adding.