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2023-01-13 -
Application for Oral Examination - Fall Semester 2022 (Master Program)

1. Date 

  • January 20~29 will be Chinese New Year holiday, the deadline for degree examination application is January 17, 2023
  • Student must complete oral examination before January 31 because the oral examination grade shall be submitted to Registrar Division before before January 31, 2023 (https://reg-acad.ncku.edu.tw/var/file/41/1041/img/3064/a61_e.pdf).
  • Upload final thesis at library website before Febuary 2, 2023.

  • The deadline for school-leaving procedures to claim the diploma is Febuary 10, 2023.


2. Application 

1. Student must submit form to department office 1 month beforehand (in advance).

2. Please confirm with advisor about the detail before you fill in online application.

  • Fill in and print out defense application form (see attachmeny 1, http://campus4.ncku.edu.tw/wwwmenu/program/mou/). 
  • Upload thesis at perform plagiarism detection for thesis originality on NCKU Turnitin and print out the result (see attachment 2-2). Fill in a report about the result of plagiarism detection (see attachment 2-1). 
  • Required Dcouments: defense application form (see attachment 1), the report about the result of plagiarism detection (see attachment 2-1), and similarity report (see attachment 3-2). Above forms shall be submitted to department office after advisor signs. For the sample of required documents, please refer here.
  • If the information of defense committee members is unavailable at online application system, please submit the form to department office to file information of external committee members.
  • Please see attachment 4 or https://www.cc.ncku.edu.tw/rule/content.php?sn=684 for Guidelines for the Format of Theses and Dissertations.
  • NCKU Rules and Regulations of Graduation Examination for Graduate Students



§ Relevant Links 

 National Cheng Kung University Enforcement Rules for Doctoral and Master’s Degree Examinations

⇒ NCKU Guidelines for the Format of Theses and Dissertations

⇒ Graduation Procedure  (Instructions on the Procedures for Receipt of Degree Certificates)