Department introduction


Brief Introduction

Founded in 1944, the Department of Civil Engineering now has more than 8,000 graduates serving in domestic and foreign companies, research institutes and academic organizations. Master's and Doctoral degrees were established in 1959 and 1971 respectively. 

Past & Present Chairpersons:

S. Suemitsu(末光俊介) (Apr.1944-Sep.1945) J. Shirane(白根治一) (Sep.1945-Mar. 1946)

J. Shirane(白根治一)

(Mar. 1946-Apr.1947)

H.C. Lin

(Apr.1947-Aug.1947 )

F. S. Wu

(July 1947-Sept.1948)

H. Chiang

(Aug. 1948-Sep. 1948)

C. Ni (Oct. 1948-July 1968) L. Z. Chou (Aug. 1968-July 1970)

F. S. Shi

(Aug. 1970-July 1972)

L. Z. Chou (Aug. 1972-July 1974)
L. S. Zuo (Aug. 1974-July 1976) I. M. Wang (Aug. 1976-July 1979)

Q. H. You

(Aug. 1979-July 1991)

J. K. Tan

(Aug. 1985-July 1991)

D. S. Hsu

(Aug. 1991-July 1994)

P. A. Tsai

(Aug. 1994-July 1997)

I. K. Fang

(Aug. 1997-July 2000)

J. W. Chen

(Aug. 2000-July 2003)

C. P. Wu

(Aug. 2003-July 2006)

T. Y. Chen

(Aug. 2006-July 2009)

J. S. Huang

(Aug. 2009- July 2012)

S. H. Ju

(Aug. 2012-July 2015)

H. T. Hu

(Aug. 2015- July 2018) C. M. Kuo  (Aug. 2018- July 2021)

 J. H. Wu

(Aug. 2021- present)